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August 18th, 2010

06:37 pm
No I don't write much. Why call into the chasm that doesn't listen? My own echoes rarely amuse me.

This amuses me - a murderer who really understands the "saving" thing:
Brilliant how he notices the eraser effect of saying the chant,
and how the chant failed to help his victims. Winner attitude!

A horrible crash occurs, blame is sort of unaddressed at the moment,
but the fact only one woman is instantly killed while a smattering are maimed for life?
A miracle! Presumably from that god fellow. Lovely.

I keep citing examples, and you silly people keep shocking me with your missattributions and heuristic errors.

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September 2nd, 2008

09:01 am

I feel satisfied. I spared the coastline and NoLa the worst of the disaster. I'm usually annoyed at this stage of the game as all the attributionally illiterate are thanking the great holy god for saving them (after throwing the storm at them in the first place), but this time the treeless apes are congratulating themselves for a job well done. Bravo, humans. At least that is logical - they saw the steps they took, and they took many, with the results attributed to fate and their work.

Sure I don't get credit, but neither did he. All in all, a good day's work.

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August 31st, 2008

11:34 am - Hurricane Gustav
Hurricane Gustav was about to be a real mess for those folks in NoLa. The lord god almighty decided he wanted to compound the feeling of fragility to which the americans are still adjusting. I just can't stand to see good work go to waste, and intervened not only to shore up the levies (you should have seen what would have happened the last time had I not helped as much as I did) but to weaken the storm while god was distracted elsewhere. The poor mayor was really in a tizzy - overreacting to try and ensure he was not accused of under reacting as some of his predecessors. Still, I really had a hard time stomaching his "mother of all storms" comment about this fairly routine seasonal episode. Lord god hardly had to tip the scale to have a storm of this type drift back up to their coastline. Still, he did and once again was going to cause destruction in a city that spends so much public energy celebrating his existence.

Instead, I have stepped in and weakened the thing back to a more common seasonal storm.

I can't guarantee that I'll have any success sparing the shore-huggers or bowl livers. I'm tempted to let the thing wash right over the up-side down dome in the land and finish the job he started in 2005. Economically, it's not entirely clear that the city was economically viable before there was a storm. Perhaps that's his bizarre plan, to create so much destruction that the populace seeks to defend that which had it not been attacked, they would happily have let die on the side of the country. I wouldn't mind watching that happen, but this artificial intervention is just pointless and wasteful. These bipeds could do a lot more good if they weren't cleaning up the wrath of god all the time, so I'll keep trying to temper the almighty's temperamental whims with my own pleading, logical arguments, and of course the counterweight of my own dark powers.

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